We're a company that cares about quality - of our products, service, and most importantly, the quality of our patients' well being.

Ease of Use. Advanced medical technology with accessibility to all.

The Regen system is designed to limit pre-clinical and outpatient care, and streamline the process by requiring less than 30 minutes of outpatient time, per patient.

Efficacy. Highly tolerable proprietary technology.

Conclusive evidence demonstrates that Regen's products are safe and improves quality of life for patients, while regenerating cartilage and/or bone.

Reduce Costs. Benefiting patients, physicians, and healthcare payor systems.

Regen's ease of outpatient interactivity minimizes recovery timeframe at significantly lower cost to patient and payer and minimal cost to the clinical provider.

Mission. To develop and market innovative products for improving the medical and economic outcomes of osteoarthritis and bone related medical conditions.

Values. Regen is dedicated to the betterment of ourselves, the industry, and others. To achieve this, we diligently follow these principles.

Find A Better Way

We foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to find the best solutions.

Do The Right Thing

We are guided by a solid moral compass and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards.

Data Driven

We make strategic decisions based on data analysis to better serve our partners.

Management Team. A seasoned founding team, skilled in management, technology, sales, and marketing.

Dr. A. Ray Chaudhuri is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and operator. He currently advises life-science, tech startups and large global family offices, a Forbes under 5 listed individual and is the digital health and healthcare advisor for two venture funds as well as the largest global synthetic biology company. Previously he was the CEO of a digital health company in Silicon Valley which he grew from concept to a partnership with a large Pharma and he also oversaw the growth of a precision medicine company, from 12 to 600 employees to $2B valuation in less than 18 months. In the past, he has played several CXO roles including turnaround deals and has completed large multi $100M deals with several top large Pharmas. He started his career as a Venture Capitalist with a venture fund based in Maryland. His background includes Finance, Healthcare AI, Synthetic biology, Cell and Gene therapy, Oncology, Neurology, Infectious disease and Stem cell biology. Ray has a PhD in immunology and regenerative medicine and an MBA in Finance.

Ray Chaudhuri, PhD, MBA

Founding Partner
Dr. Brenda Paz has 10 years of experience in conducting multidisciplinary research for academic and private sectors. Dr. Paz holds a Ph.D in Chemistry from the Advanced Studies and Research Center (CINVESTAV IPN) in México City.

Brenda Paz, PhD

Science Officer
Dr. Benjamin Adler has 30 years experience facilitating the development of startup biotechnology and medical device companies. Dr. Adler holds a Ph.D. in molecular pharmacology from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law.

Benjamin Aaron Adler, PhD, J.D.

Legal - IP & Patents